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The Celeb Glamor and Scandal Awaits You: 3 Reasons to Check Out Us Weekly Magazine

Ah, the glamor! Walking down the red carpet while the paparazzi throng about a star in desperate hope to catch even a glimpse of her newest dress; it just seems so classy, doesn’t it?

Or when that same star finds herself in a not-so-classy situation (I’m talking men here as well) and scandalously embarrasses herself in front of everyone (It happens from time to time).

Whatever the case, following a celebrity of your liking has become something of a modern cult in which almost everyone participates. To help you brush off the burden of searching celebrity and entertainment news on your own, we were willing enough and resolute enough to find the one magazine whose pages are filled with all the most notable news from the entertainment industry. And, my friends, we found more than that; we found Us Weekly magazine! Stay with us and learn about the benefits of subscribing to Us Weekly.

1. Enjoy The World Of Entertainment

You can’t wait to feel the comfort of your sofa and tune yourself with the latest news the world of glamor brings? Then it seems that all this picture lacks is a good and reliable source of info on such news – something you can trust Us Weekly to deliver. The magazine will weekly give you all you need to know about, sympathize with, or indeed laugh at/with the celebrities.

And the moms will love it! LOVE IT! There’s an entire section dedicated just to celeb moms and how they go about being moms.

2. Don’t Just Do It With Style, But Also Do The Style

If you give me but one word to describe Us Weekly, one word only, I would opt for style. And by this I do not mean the cover page letters font, but the content within the pages of the magazine. Explore the Style section in it and see for yourself!

Just a little heads up on what you might find there. Besides the knowledgeable texts, expect to see dozens, nay, hundreds of photos of celebrities’ greatest outfit moments. The magazine even pairs the two celebrities who wore virtually the same outfit together and gives you the possibility to vote on who wore it best. There are also many other choices left for voting; on your favorite new song, for instance. One might even say that it’s all about the democracy with Us Weekly!

3. Look Just Like Your Heroes

Let’s face it; when we look at the perfectly sculptured celeb bodies, we’re often hit by the desire to look exactly like that. Well, unlike many magazines that only let you mouthwater above their pics of celebrities, Us Weekly comes out with the numerous texts with descriptions on how someone lost their weight or how the other got ripped so bad!

Us Weekly also features comments section below, so you can even express an opinion about what’s written in any of its texts. Even say what you think about a certain celeb if you so desire!

Is there anything left unsaid about Us Weekly magazine? Yes, certainly. And lots of it! But that’s the venture you’ll have to explore on your own. So get your subscription and visit the lands of glamor and entertainment!

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