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TV Guide's Shows From The '70s That Still Echo

Groundbreaking Sitcoms of the 70s

The '70s made a tumultuous time period indeed. Although perhaps best remembered for the music, the decade also brought about some of the most memorable sitcoms ever to grace the screens. Some of these shows, created almost half a century ago, can still captivate us today. Here’s just a snippet of them.

1. That '70s Show

Hopefully none would call this cheating, but this show wasn’t actually created during the 1970s. There’s a reason for it being on the list though - no better TV introduction dealing with social issues of the era exists. The comedy follows a group of teens going about their business in Wisconsin, and whose lives and adventures help us bridge the gap time has created. But there is one striking thing about that gap: it is as if it isn’t there; the problems faced back then are essentially the same we face today. That’s why the ’70s still reverberate strongly.

2. Good Times

This one did air in the 1970s, and was a spin-off of a spin-off (not much has changed, I guess) ultimately leading to the sitcom All In The Family – the most popular one in the decade. But back to Good Times, what’s it all about and why it is still well worth watching? It tells a story of poor yet proud African-American family who are trying to make ends meet in Chicago housing project. This setting, despite sounding gloomy, offers the background for a genuinely funny family drama. Not many of those are better than the good old Good Times.

Something worth noting: if you ever wondered where the all-too-famous expression " Dy-no-mite” came from, now you know.

3. What’s Happening!!

Created by the same guy who co-wrote Good Times, this sitcom is less about family and more about growing up. And whereas Good Times often engaged the discourse of social commentary, What’s Happening!! is more of a coming-of-age comedy. The story follows three African-American teens as they did what youths most often do – went wooing, working and dreaming big.

4. Benson

This is yet another spin-off, whose popularity rests on the strong lead character, one Benson DuBois. Seemingly unremarkable by his social position of a former butler, Benson is an admirable rhetorician, outdoing anyone who dares engaging him into a battle of wits. First we meet Benson as he’s about to assume the new position of the head of household affairs. Then moving up the hierarchy, he becomes the state budget director only to turn lieutenant governor later on! Would it at all surprise you if I told you that Benson eventually ran for governor?

TV Guide Says: Shows You Wouldn't Wanna Miss In 2016

There are so many both good and bad ones today, that going at it blind is a luxury you cannot afford to take. I’m talking TV shows, of course, and their respective new seasons scheduled for 2016. If you haven’t made up you mind about which shows to follow this year, here is a few suggestions to consider from to TV Guide; make sure you check out the latest prices on a subscription.

1. The Vikings

Any list of top shows in 2016 can hardly be put together without a mention of The Vikings. It’s a thrilling saga centered on the legendary king Ragnar Lothbrok, whose vision and strength brought him far to the shores of England. Back in 2013 when the show originally started, it dazzled its viewers with the amount of character depth and atmospheric authenticity brought to it. For sure, any Viking series would inevitably be found lacking without its due violence (in popular imagination, so entwined with the times) and, true enough, the show never shies away from it. But it’s not all blood and gore folks, this series is much more than that.

2. Empire

If music dramas are your thing, then this might just be the show you’re after. A man who runs his own hip-hop entertainment company aptly named Empire (the company, not the man), but who’s only got to live for another 3 years, is concerned about the legacy he’s leaving behind. As his three sons line up for their share of their father’s wealth and name, Lucious Lyon is unimpressed by his children’s abilities to run his Empire. Add an ex-wife-who’s-just-got-out-of-jail to this King Lear-esque premise, and you got yourself a show!

3. Daredevil

The more action minded reader will certainly appreciate this entry but make no mistake, Daredevil isn’t all run & gun action flick it might seem at first glance; it rather plays upon the subtle moral premise underpinning the entire story. Matt Murdock is a successful, if somewhat cocky lawyer with a dark secret known to almost none but him: he is the Daredevil, The Man Without Fear. Blinded by some toxic waste as a boy, all his other senses were sharpened beyond humanly possible. Assuming the mantle of a vigilante, Matt goes out there to fight the booming crime in his city. What sets Daredevil apart from its Marvel counterparts is the captivating fact of just how human, apart from his heightened senses, Matt really is. His bewildered sense of right and wrong is also fascinatingly unclear; we’re never quite sure he’s doing the right thing.

4. Fresh Off The Boat

Ending the list on a lighter note, here’s a new ABC’s comedy drama about a Taiwanese family coming to the States and pursuing the American Dream, or at least how Louis Huang, the father of the family, understands it. The reality check for Louis and the family isn’t far off and is finally vivid when the opening of a cowboy family restaurant doesn’t go as planned. The show is thus perfectly set up for the hilarious exploration of cultural differences.

TV Guide: Binge in Joy With These 5 Shows

No longer do you have to wait for a whole week to see what Walter White or Tyrion Lannister would do next, for the blessings of binge watching are now upon us. Let’s therefore quickly go through some of the shows TV Guide Magazine says are the most binge-worthiness.

1. Daredevil

It was only a matter of time when one of Marvel’s beloved heroes would turn to TV. This particular hero saw his sight’s loss as a young boy, but experienced all his other senses dramatically enhanced. Now as a lawyer of some repute by day, Matt Murdock is a dangerous crime-fighting vigilante by nightfall. The gritty atmosphere Daredevil breathes with is only made grittier by the hero’s somewhat greyish understanding of morality; it’s one of the main driving forces in the show.

2. Outlander

Ever since H.G. Wells graced us with his little book, the fascination with time travelling has only gone one way. Relatively faithfully based of Diana Gabaldon’s novel, Starz’s new show follows the footsteps of a World War II nurse as she enjoys a second honeymoon with her husband in Scotland. Upon touching the ancient stones at Craigh na Dun, she falls faint only to wake up some 200 years in the past. Watch this show for its intricate story of war and love, coupled with gripping scenery of 18-century Scotland.

And yeah, everything’s brimming with Scottish accent!

3. Orange Is The New Black

With the fourth season confirmed to debut this year, now would be the perfect time to catch up with this hilarious women prison comedy drama. The story is centered on Piper Chapman who’s about to be locked up for fifteen months. What did she do? Oh, nothing; she just helped her lesbian (at the time) partner with some drug money ten years ago.

4. The Americans

Nothing beats the intensity of good old Cold War. But despite its backdrop of international conflict of the highest order, The Americans is really a story about family and marriage, with the Cold War there as a supporting metaphor. The basics of the story? Two Soviet spies integrate America and spy on its government. Don’t let the initial plot synopsis put you off though, where the show goes from its starting premise is nothing short of brilliant.

5. The Vikings

There are few historical series as gripping and as graphic as The Vikings, indeed if any. Join Ragnar Lothbrok, the Viking king of legends, on his journey westward to England, a journey filled with innumerable tales of war. The misty figure of historical Ragnar offers much needed liberty to the show makers, the liberty well taken. Watch as history blends its path with myth in this remarkable series

6 Things You Didn’t Know About TV Guide

TV Guide has been around for ages and while it may seem like the guide that comes programmed on your cable box can replace the long running magazine, you may be surprised to find out how much is offered by the company.

1. TV Guide Videos

Visit TV Guide and check out their videos for a variety of informative shorts, top videos, binge-watch lists, celebrity watch lists and behind the scene looks into your favorite shows. Most of the videos are handled in entertainment/journalistic nature, helping you figure out just what it is you plan to spend your night binging on, or checking out for the first time.

As a huge fan of Starlord, Peter Quill, Bright, and Andy Dwyer star Chris Pratt, I can keep up with his antics, and upcoming roles, through the celebrity watch list. It takes a little digging to find just what you want, but if you don’t have a particular actor in mind, you get a break down of TV Guide personalities lists of what to watch and who to keep an eye on.

2. Pet Fanatics Have their Own Section

Pet central is dedicated to all things pet related on TV. From behind the scenes moment from the most recent Puppy Bowl, to a montage of amazing moments involving animals in The Amazing Race, there is plenty to watch, and most videos are in bight sized chunks under 2 minutes.

3. The Scorecard Keeps You Up to Date

Ever wonder where you can look to find what shows are renewed and will be back next year? TV Guide has you covered. The paper magazine will update as it is published and real time updates can be found through the site.

4. Go On Set

The site is great at giving videos of akward, funny, or interesting moments that happen on the set. As of the time of this writing, a video is trending on the site in which stars from WWE make up fake finishing moves – my favorite of which is the Brittney Spear.

It isn’t all wrestling though, exclusives from Hannibal, and looks at how some of the special effects are handled on big budget shows are disclosed to the magazine site.

5. It isn’t Just a Guide

While the name can be misleading as a simple guide to what will be on TV, the outlet has some actual journalistic chops. All things entertainment are covered through their news sections on hard copies and online.

The beloved Jon Stewart may be off the air by the time you are reading this, but as of the day of this writing, the first hint at his final shows special guests has been revealed by TV guide. Amy Schumer will be just one of the special guests appearing to bid the long time satirist his farewell. I tried to find that information elsewhere and had no luck until after the publishing on TV Guide.

6. Create Your Own Watchlist

While you can highlight the shows you want to watch in the magazine, the site includes a watchlist that you can create and curate as you like. More than a simple schedule of shows to check out, you can create a list of favorite TV shows, actors, movies and teams and be updated when they will be on, with all the information you need to find them. As someone that watches plenty of eclectic shows and looks out for specific actors and actresses, this is a godsend for keeping up with all of my tastes.

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