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Explore The South: 3 Reasons Why Southern Living Magazine Will Help You Through Your Adventure

It’s a gift; by “it” we mean cooking. To some people it comes so naturally that one not graced by the gift is left to wonder whether the gifted can cook the quality food by simply touching the ingredients!

Or maybe it’s not the gift. Maybe there are no people magically endowed to turn everything they touch into a delicious meal. It’s all down to the recipes and spices they use, nothing more!

Ah, the never-ending debate! Whether someone is born a cook or has become one through training is a heated schism that’s not going anywhere, not for a long time. Yet, the truth probably lies somewhere in the middle, leaning a little one way or another. Still, the both sides at least agree on this: a good recipe means a lot! Where to find it? If you’re into the Southern lifestyle, try Southern Living magazine! Its scope is far wider than just good recipes though. Let’s quickly go through the 3 reason why a subscription to Southern Living will be worth your while!

1. The Best of The South

The Southern soul is a curious thing. Gracious yet strong, proud yet not without heartiness, such soul is not easily encompassed within the pages of a magazine. Yet Southern Living pulls it off, and does so in such a manner that you never feel you’ve been misinformed in any way.

The magazine is very much interested in everything Southern. Be it food, home, garden, or travel, it relishes in uncovering the wonders of The South!

2. Nothin’ Beats Southern Food

We hope that we all can agree that no matter which side in the aforementioned debate you’re on, the quality recipe is still a welcome addition to your cooking arsenal. Mainly oriented towards the cuisine from The South, Southern Living magazine can boast of a vast number of recipes left to explore.

The magazine isn’t you usual recipe mine, though. There’s a lot more to it than listing the ingredients and all their possible combinations. Rather, it features a vast array of texts and videos done as a means of a guide for the pan inexperienced. In addition, if ever you find yourself short of ideas on what to cook on an ominously approaching holiday (We're talkin' Thanksgiving and the like) then Southern Living is your mag!

3. A Window into the World of The South

Besides cuisine, one other major topic pervades the pages of the mag – the topic of traveling. The magazine is resolute to, in a whole new and exciting light, bring closer all the beauty The South offers to its residents and tourists alike.

There’s another way in which Southern Living goes beyond the limits of the page; it has its very own TV show! Wednesday is the day when you’d want to be in front of your TV and follow the show where you’ll sniff all the latest that comes out of the Southern cuisine, or indeed travel across Southern cities!

The three reasons listed above can all be shadowed by a single movement of the hands – that by which you open Southern Living magazine. If you enjoy cooking, garden-work, travel, and generally love everything The South offers, then subscribing to the magazine will make you love it even more!

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