Top Picks of Magazines For News & Political Junkies

Are you among those who enjoy the cut and thrust of a good political debate? If not, then you surely revel in being informed about all that is happening, both in the world and domestically? Provided that the answer to either of these is positive, you mustn’t miss out on our selection of these versatile, most authoritative news and politics magazines. Here they are in random order.

1. The Week Subscription

No longer do you have to scour the web in search of a relevant, thoughtfully presented story; The Week does it all for you. Fishing only the best articles from the vast printed or online news pool, the magazine presents the stories in a variety of different forms. We’ll mention only one, Speed Reads, our personal favorite.

2. The Economist Subscription

Staying true to its principles throughout its long life, The Economist is still one of the most reliable and best written news-oriented magazines. Its concerns are global, content unmatched. Aiming to help form a more liberal society, The Economist is written for the people who think big, and thinking big help the future come earlier.

3. Adweek Subscription

If ever in need of a fresh add idea, Adweek might just have one in store. Assuming the perspective of an agency, and dealing with client relations or new and innovative advertising strategies, Adweek is the best way to gain good insight into the world of advertising.

4. Mental Floss Subscription

Now to the completely different kinds on news, ones fit for flossing your brain cells a bit. If you’re in for fun, somewhat quirky pieces of trivia, then give Mental Floss mag a go. You’ll find lists in there, quizzes, amazing facts of life, and the cool T-shirts to go with them.

5. The New Yorker Subscription

For those not satisfied with simple reportages, those who always ask more of their magazines, our recommendation goes to The New Yorker magazine. Acknowledging that the quality news presenting is not enough, the New Yorker ads fiction and poem publishing, along with its signature cartoons and humor into the mix.

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