Top Magazine Picks for Parents

Think of the hardest, most responsible activity on the planet. Good, now think of the most beautiful one. Someone said parenting?

That’s right dear children, your parents go through a lot bringing you up, but they also enjoy the process like nothing on earth! And you, parents, we know, we’ve been through it all, we know both the beauty and the difficulty of raising a child. That’s why we’ve compiled the following list of magazines, to help you enjoy your parenthood even more.

1. Parents Magazine Subscription

Written in a friendly fashion, Parents magazine offers fun, relatable info on every aspect of your child’s development. Expertly combining the two kinds of insight, the scientific and the personal, the mag is packed with reliable advice on just about anything that has to do with your kid – from pregnancy and naming, to the homework overload.

2. Family Circle Magazine Subscription

Running a family is a tough task, especially if there are any teens or tweens running around the house. Family Circle recognized that, and thus recognizing, extended its hand to all moms who’ve taken up this joyful task. The magazine is written for the moms who enjoy being moms.

3. Family Fun Magazine Subscription

An offspring of Parents magazine, FamilyFun focuses on those special moments in every healthy family. Whether it is the traveling, celebrations, or games you play with your kid, the magazine teaches you how to most enrichingly spend your time together. Who’s in for a picnic?!

4. Working Mother Magazine Subscription

Who said a woman can’t be a great mom and pursue a career at the same time? If it was possible before, now with the help of Working Mother mag you can call it fun. Everything a thriving mom could hope to find is there, even the inspiring blog posts of other fellow successful moms.

5. Your Teen

Baby is cute. Toddler funny. Tween is sweet. But my goodness what’s wrong with the teens?! What? Puberty you say? Oooh!

Seriously now, if you’ve got a teen in the house, then you know what a tricky business that can be. The only way is to approach your kid in that delicate age is to understand it first, and there is no better source on everything teen-related then Your Teen magazine.

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