Our Top Magazines For Guitar Players

It is almost impossible to exceed the versatility of sound of the string instruments: the nightingale can do it on its best day, lark maybe, and that’s pretty much it. There’s the power of human voice of course, but that one is the story for another time.

Among the string instruments, one singles out as the most widely played; the guitar – you guessed it. So if you happen to love your guitar, or indeed any other string instrument, more than your pet, check out the selection of magazines we prepared.

1. Guitar Player

Regardless of whether you’re just starting out or soloing with some dexterity already, Guitar Player is a great resource for guitar lessons of all kinds. The magazine also boasts, and rightly so, with its gear roundup, as well as the news and info on both the rising stars, and the legendary guitar gurus we grew up deifying.

2. Premium Guitar

With the readership numbering in millions, Premium Guitar is the widest reading guitar magazine out there. Reasons for this are a-plenty, one of them being the unique, full multimedia network integration. Another one is to be found among the mag’s trusted line of editors, all of whom are experienced guitarists. Besides guitar news or gear reviews, the magazine is famous for its best-in- class interviews.

3. Strings

Replacing the pick with the bow, we present you the Strings magazine. It, in turn, presents its readers with the most compelling pages on bowed string instruments yet compiled. Aimed at both the amateurs and professionals, the magazine provides insight into the workings of orchestra and chamber music. There’s also a session section, giving you the clues on what artists or string quartets to look out for.

4. Acoustic Guitar

For those who prefer the delicate sound of acoustic axes, there’s really no better stuff out there than Acoustic Guitar magazine. Between all the guitar lessons, how-to’s, gear reviews, and playing style tips, what really comes out is the magazine’s passion for the acoustic sound.

5. American Songwriter

Music is a craft - this is what the folks from America Songwriter stand for. If you want to know more about it, you owe yourself a pleasure of getting their magazine. It’ll teach you the tools of the trade, giving indispensable insight on, say, lyrics writing, or indeed everything there is to know about the process of songwriting.


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