Our Top Choices For Celebrity Magazine Fans

Passionate about following the footsteps of fashion? Always on the lookout for the hottest gossips from the world of entertainment? Good, because we just accidentally happen to know the best places for you to look! There really is no shortage of ways to follow all that’s happening in the glamour land, but the magazines listed below prove to be the most reliable, and most juicy, sources of news. Stay tuned!

1. Star Magazine Subscription

Some celebs love it, others hate it, some others fear it, but none is indifferent towards it! Star magazine, with its wide loyal readership, bring the hottest celebrity news and photos right to you. The magazine always keeps one finger on celeb pulses, even if, especially if, these don’t want being pulsed.

2. TV Guide Magazine Subscription

Ever died to ask your favorite celebrities what TV shows they’re currently watching? TV Guide magazine did just that! Now while waiting for the new, say, Game of Thrones episode, you can enjoy the same shows as your favorite TV stars!

3. In Touch Weekly Magazine Subscription

Another great source for staying up-to-date with all the latest in the gossip world. Find out everything about your favorite celebrities, read about who among them climbed the drab to fab ladder, or simply enjoy their photos. ITW also has one neat way to engage its audience; namely, you can send a tip to the mag if you happen to smell a news somewhere.

4. US Weekly Magazine Subscription

The leader in the lifestyle magazine department, US Weekly is a trusted friend we all need. Bringing celebrity news in the most engaging manner, the mag also provides beauty and fashion tips, nutrition advices of celebrities, as well as an entire section devoted to celeb moms.

5. Interview Magazine Subscription

Originally co-founded by the America’s most celebrated pop artist Andy Warhol, interview magazine is in many respects the trendsetter of modern times. Featuring conversations with the world’s leading artists, musicians, filmmakers, or fashion designers, Interview is every bit as eccentric and fascinating as it was when first conceived.


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