Our Selection of Top Wine & Beer Magazines

Riesling or Lager? Guinness or Chardonnay? Whatever your preferred poison is, know that you partake in an ever-increasing group of wine or beer lovers. There are hardly greater adorations paid to a glass then it is the case with the twain. Recognizing this, and with a help of an occasional glass of both, we present you with the list of top magazines aimed at satisfying all your beer or wine quaffing needs.

1. Brew Your Own Magazine Subscription

Budweiser is great, yes; Heineken no less, but none of the brands can match a beverage of your own brewing. And that’s where BYO magazine comes in. It is your ultimate beer making guide that, in addition to entertaining the highest quality homebrew recipes, is very friendly to the first timers.

2. Food & Wine Magazine Subscription

Covering topics that go beyond the simple joys of eating and drinking, Food & Wine presents a statement on the reader’s lifestyle. On top of what the name promises, the pages of the magazine are filled with expertly crafted restaurant reviews that help you decide where to dine next.

3. Wine Spectator Magazine Subscription

Wine seems to have it all: taste, smell, pedigree, handsome bottles, French language in its service, and a vast number of pilgrims who bow before each glass. Precisely these pilgrims, these connoisseurs, are the ones who’ll appreciate Wine Spectator the most.

4. Wine & Spirits Magazine Subscription

Originally conceived as a buying guide, Wine & Spirits has grown into one of the leading magazines on these noble beverages. It now presents an authority on the subject, developing an exhaustive, trustworthy 100 points scale wine rating system. If you’re serious about wine and enjoy further reading about it, W&S contains numerous book reviews on the matter.

5. Wine Maker Magazine Subscription

Same as with beer, nothing can beat that personal touch of homemade wines. Regardless of whether you’re new to wine making or a seasoned vintner, WineMaker always has fresh ideas for you to grasp. The magazine also lets you measure your vintner skills by hosting an annual competition in amateur wine making.


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