Our Favorite Sports Magazines That Aren't Sports Illustrated or ESPN

We know what some of you are thinking, sports magazines equal ESPN and Sport Illustrated. But as exhaustive and wide-encompassing as the two franchises are, these are not the criteria we used when we gathered up our little list. Rather, we went for the specialized magazines, the ones that devote their pages to a single, or indeed several similar sports. Here they come.

1. Outdoor Life

Out there in the wilds, there are three things you absolutely cannot do without: a knowledgeable guide, a weather guru, and the reliable gear. Outdoor Life is all three, guiding you through the world of hunting and fishing, giving you the tips to predict the weather, and providing the unbiased gear reviews. Truly, as far as outdoor survival & success companions go, Outdoor Life ranks among the best.

2. The Ring

Pretty much the world champion in boxing magazines weight class, The Ring is obsessive about its subject. Boxing news, match reviews, previews, boxer analysis and statistics, they all make it through. The magazine even hosts its own championship, with the title of the champion held in high regard.

3. Track & Field News

Nicknaming itself ‘the bible of the sport’, T&FN took up the task of being the best, most authoritative magazine on athletics. It was no easy task, the magazine had to keep the performers lists and rankings, provide exclusive interviews, action photos, and all this and more for more than half a century. But T&FN kept the speed, leaving the competition in the dust.

4. Sports Weekly

An extension of USA Today, Sports Weekly covers all there is about baseball and NFL. In addition to regular prints, the magazine issues special editions several times a year. There you can read insightful predictions of upcoming baseball/NFL/NHL/NBA/NCAA seasons and events, or gain good advice on your fantasy team.

5. Pro Wrestling Illustrated

Being the oldest surviving wrestling magazine in English, many professional wrestlers grew up reading it. Besides shining new light on the action within the ring, PWI gives you the exclusive behind-the-scenes. The magazine’s enduring popularity is partly due to the annual awards it gives out, awards like ‘The Wrestler of the Year’ or ‘The Feud of The Year’.


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