About MagazineKid.com

What the heck is MagazineKid.com? For that matter, what is a "Magazine Deal Agency"? Well, Magazine Kid is your secret magazine deal finding Intelligence Agency. Think of us as the CIA, but for magazine subscriptions. If you're looking for a new magazine subscription or a great price on a renewal you want to make sure you get the best price you can. MagazineKid.com tracks the prices of all your favorite magazines across dozens of websites, we collect all of the coupon and discount information from around the web; then we calculate the best price for each magazine. When you visit MagazineKid.com before you subscribe, you're guaranteed to get the best price avaiable.


1. New Coupons & Deals Daily: Magazine Kid checks newsletters, browses websites and collections informatoin from our parterns about the latest and greatest offers from all of the magazine sites that we monitor. If they post a new deal, we'll gather that information, verify that it's accurante and make it avaiable for our visitors.

2. More Info About Each Magazine: Magazine Kid likes to get indepth and discover more about each Magazine we track. We break down what topics each magazine covers, what you can learn from each issue and who are their target readers. This information can help you choose a publication that is right for you and your interests.

3. Video Reports: Magazine Kid makes education and delivering information an important part of our Agency mission. If your looking for the quick and dirty intelegance on each magazine check out our videos. They will quickly tell you what you need to know about each magazine in under 1 minute.

4. Buying Guides: Magazines make great gifts, they are also a indespensable resource of information for many people. Weither you are a hobbiest looking for inspiration or professional looking to keep up on the latest news and trends in your industry magazines are a way for you to stay up to date on what you need to know. M8M has put together lists of the best magazines for each industry and interest. Take a look at our buying guides to help you make an informed decision.

5. The Lowest Price: At the core of Magazine Kid's mission is to provide the best resource on the web to find readers the best Magazine Subscription Deals. M8M takes the guess work out of finding the best price by doing the research and apply the deals so you don't have to do the math yourself. When you browse our magazine pages you'll see the price with the discount already applied so you can compare prices side by side and know you're getting the best price.


You might be asking yourself. If M8Magazine is so interested in magazines, what publications do they subscribe to personally? Here is a little sneek peak into our how magazine racks.

1. Mother Earth News: Sustainablity and gardening are two topics I've always been interested in. Mother Earth News has always been a great resource for both those topics. Weither I'm looking for tips on amdending my garden soil or insigthful tips from readers for helping around the kitchen each issues has something interesting in it. That's why you'll find Mother Earth News in my rack.

2. Brew Your Own: I used to live in Colorado and like any good resident of the mountain state I was intrested in all things beer. I visited every brewery that crossed my path and in the process became a decent brewer myself. While it's been a while since I brewed a batch I still enjoy reading all about brewing. That's why you'll still find Brew Your Own in my rack.

3. Cooks Illustrated: I've definintely become an student of all things Cooks Illustrated. Weither it's their TV show, one of their publications or their websites I've learned more about cooking from the folks at Cooks Illustrated than any place else. Beyond the recipes or indepth product reviews you get to learn why a recipe works and that leads to a deeper understanding of cooking. That's why you'll find Cooks Illustrated in my rack.

4. Mother Earth Living: This one my wife really digs. Every time an issue arrives she can expect to learn about a new alternative treatment or how to choose safe products for us and our kids. Since it's from the publishers of Mother Earth News we know that it's information we can trust. That's why Mother Earth Lving has a place in our rack.

5. Food Network Magazine: As you can problem tell already I love to cook and I'm not assamed to admit that I like cooking shows too. Food Network Magazine is a wonderful extension of the information that you get from the TV channel. I really enjoy their weeknight and weekend meal ideas. We've found more than a couple family staples from those sections. I know every month I'm going to get new ideas for dinner and that's why Food Network Magazine has a place in my rack.

Over the years I've been a subscriber to dozens of magazine publications. These are just a handful of magazines I currently get. If you haven't taken a good look at any of the titles above I can personally recommend them. They are worth the price of subscription.


M8Magazine.com has two missions, help you make find the perfect subscription and get it for the best price.